Mission Possible: How to Achieve All Your Family Foundation's Goals


Family foundations are a huge part of the American tradition of giving. But in this era of onerous regulations and media scrutiny, foundation philanthropy is trickier to navigate than ever before.

Complex family dynamics can combine to create a reality in which investing foundation assets becomes, confusing, stressful, and unrewarding. This experience should be gratifying and enjoyable for everyone involved—and it can be, with the right guidance, and by leveraging the expertise of a qualified investment professional.

That’s where Bruce Raabe comes in. In Mission Possible, Bruce clearly outlines how family foundations can proactively prevent costly regulatory and legal mistakes while successfully managing their finances, increasing their assets, and avoiding unnecessary family disputes. Giving back shouldn’t mean giving up time, energy, and the full scope of a foundation’s mission.


Bruce Raabe is the founder of Relevant Wealth Advisors. His extensive family foundation expertise in investment policy, asset allocation, and foundation-specific regulations has allowed him to develop an understanding of the special circumstances surrounding the financial needs and goals of family foundations.